About Hygeia

We are proud to carry Hygeiaâ„¢ brand pumps and accessories for the following important reasons:

Hygeia is committed to being a Green company with an EPP (Environmentally Preferred Product) program that manufactures only recyclable pumps and parts. Their goal is zero landfill waste. You'll even notice that the rental pumps are delivered to you in recyclable cardboard cases.

Hygeia strongly supports the World Health Organization (WHO) International Code of the Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes, which is very important to Blossom Baby. Commonly known as "The WHO Code," it was adopted in 1981 to protect mothers and babies and promote breastfeeding throughout the world by calling for no advertising of infant formula or bottles directly to the public, and for the distribution by health care workers of factual, ethical information to parents. It does not mean that formula or bottles are bad or should not be used, only that they should be marketed ethically so they don't undermine breastfeeding. Unfortunately, infant formula and bottle manufacturers flagrantly violate the Code by extensive advertising of these products directly to mothers everywhere, which has measurably lowered breastfeeding rates around the world.

When is a hospital-grade breast pump needed?

For most moms, a consumer-grade breast pump (one you purchase or receive through insurance) is all that you will ever need, whether for occasional use, or regular use when pumping while back to work and nursing when you are with your baby.  For some moms though, special circumstances indicate the need for a hospital-grade breast pump, which is meant to mimic what a baby does when feeding at breast.  These pumps have higher suction strength, faster cycling speed, remove milk more efficiently/effectively, and do not wear out over time. Consumer-grade pumps are not meant to establish, maintain, or increase a milk supply, whereas a hospital-grade pump can help you do this.  Here are some situations in which a hospital-grade pump may be a good choice for you:

*Baby is not latching

*Supplementation was suggested/initiated

*You are exclusively pumping

*Your baby is in the NICU or otherwise separated from you

*You are experiencing low milk supply for any reason 

Hospital-grade breast pump rentals

**Please note that we DO NOT SHIP breast pumps.  Breast pumps must be picked up in Hellertown, unless prior arrangements are made. Please email amy@lehighvalleylactation.com to check availability before purchasing**