Other children?


Messy home?


*Siblings? Other children are more than welcome to be present during our consult- you may feel more comfortable having another caregiver around to help occupy them so you can fully focus. If this is not a possibility, we will work around it.

*Partners/family members/friends?                                                                We want you to be as comfortable as                                                possible- supportive partners, family                                                              and friends are always welcome!

*Pets? Well behaved pets are fine, but if they will be a distraction for you, it is probably best if they are put in a separate                          room.

*Your wreck of a house? You just had a baby! We would hope your house is a disaster- I have 4 kids, so nothing could possibly surprise or disgust me- DON'T worry about it. And certainly don't feel like you need to clean before our visit!

*Coffee? As much as I love coffee, I am here for YOU, so please don't worry about offering me food or drink- I want to focus all of my energy on you and your baby.

*Payment? All payment is expected at the conclusion of our consult (except for Aetna clients). Check, cash, or credit card via Paypal are accepted methods of payment. A superbill will be provided which you can submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement (this is not guaranteed and depends on your plan).

You would benefit from a consultation with an IBCLC if:

*You have a history of nipple or breast surgery (augmentation, reduction, biopsy, piercing,    etc)

*You have a history of hormonal or anatomical challenges (thyroid issues, flat or inverted nipples, insufficient glandular tissue)

*You did not experience breast changes during pregnancy

*You have noticeably asymmetrical breasts

*You have had a difficult previous breastfeeding experience

*You are adopting a baby (yes, you CAN breastfeed!)

*You have a premature baby

*You gave birth to multiples

*You have a special-needs baby

*You've experienced a separation from baby after the birth

*You are having latching or positioning difficulty

*Your baby's mouth is causing difficulty breastfeeding (cleft lip or palate, tongue or lip tie, etc)

*You are experiencing breast engorgement

*You have not noticed your "milk coming in" by day five

*You are experiencing breast/nipple pain or trauma

*Your baby is not gaining weight or gaining weight slowly, and diaper output is insufficient

*Your baby falls asleep quickly at breast or sleeps through feedings

*Your baby is jaundiced

*Your baby is crying, colicky, nursing very frequently, "never seems satisfied" after feedings

*You need reassurance about how breastfeeding is going

*You have questions about breastfeeding while pregnant

*You need help with bottle feeding/supplementing

*You are returning to work or school and have concerns

What about...

When do I need a consultation?

Thank you for welcoming me into your home! You probably have a few questions...

*Fill out the paperwork! If you have access to a printer, please print and complete the forms under the "Forms" tab (Intake History& Consent/HIPPA). This will save time, and allow me to get right to helping you and your baby (especially if she is hungry and screaming!)

Expect an average consultation to take approximately 2 hours (some run shorter or longer depending on your unique situation)- I stay as long as is necessary to answer all of your questions/meet the needs of unpredictable babies!

*Write downs any questions you may have.

*Cry if you want to...breastfeeding is hard...mothering is hard...don't be ashamed to let it all out.

*Take care of your own needs...use the bathroom, eat, drink, etc. 

*Have your pump set up and ready (if applicable).

*Have any breast milk or formula ready to go (if applicable).

*Let me know if there are any parking restrictions where you live.

*Try to hold off baby so that he is hungry for our visit (this is not always easy or possible I recognize!) Do the best you can, and if baby simply cannot wait, feed him just enough to calm him down.

How to prepare for your consultation